Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the most important art you can learn.

This is all you really need

Coach Anthony Esposito working from his guard

I was compelled to write this after reading a tweet from my good friend, Bellator welterweight and American Top Team: Orlando fighter, Ben Saunders.  He tweeted something about the makeup of a good academy being good training partners and hard working individuals.

As the sport of mixed martial arts continues to grow and dominate our attention, the demand will continue to grow.  As the demand continues to grow, so will the supply.  Unfortunately, that supply will not be regulated and monitored.  Folks will be fooled…

The easiest way to fool people will be aesthetically.  Some investor will purchase a big, beautiful facility and deck it out with the newest equipment.  Add some weights and maybe even a juice bar.  The sky is the limit.  But remember one thing, a big budget is not synonymous with having a good academy.  Its fun to have alot of toys and they are useful but it is very independent of good training.

I am going to tell you the most important feature that any school can have.  More important than a 5000sq ft mat area or a 40ft cage.  More important than bags and weights.  That feature is “RELATIONSHIPS”.

Above anything thing else, a good academy is powered by positive healthy relationships between everybody: instructors to students, instructors to parents, instructors to instructors, and probably most importantly, students to students.   These positive relationships allow you to humble yourself to learn.  These positive relationships allow you to respect other’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as your own.  These positive relationships allow you to disregard your ego and train hard with your fellow classmates without insult.

I love training.  I, often, train at the world famous American Top Team Main Academy in Coconut Creek, Fl.  And I have also trained on motel room floors.  It really makes no difference to me. The only thing that really matters is the positive relationship between myself and the person I am trying to choke out.


Dedicated to the love and respect for Jiu Jitsu

Din Thomas

Treasure Coast American Top Team 772-985-0789


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